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100回嘔吐 /100kaiouto

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Shared November 9, 2017

▶ ︎ music, words: 100 times vomiting https://twitter.com/100outo

▶ ︎illust: Bear miso https://twitter.com/kumamiso_

▶ ︎movie: Kaneko Development https://twitter.com/kanekokaihatu

▶ ︎ INST →
(Mastering done): http: // piapro.jp / t / 9glp
(No Mastering): http: // piapro.jp / t / c 50 W

▶ ︎ niconico → http: //www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm32242015

It is 100 times vomiting.

Seriously "This is your hard work"

I want to live by margin I do not want to be alone I want to laugh No matter how much troublesome or disgusting We are sick and we are not suitable for living a little bit Tattoo brains felt happy I want to feel happy Passionate to be loved only by breathing I am overwhelmed today the target is a good boy good boy that self-love both hands using not do in the self-esteem was charged sung only praised wow ah ah ah ah head Nadenade alive great Hey other is not hug more things themselves that not enough is not enough Who hate unrivaled be intrusive to become yan Bakka is difficult to one end that you want together make sense is better seizure does not occur that you do not want to think painful I can stand to flattery waste disposal raison d'etre by everyone great Jan longer say is to have survived all the way all the way to the I can not sell it because it's okay but to loneliness We unsuitable perverse to live or still wish would lose desperately to Wabishi is also the identity that you protect my best concealed at any time painfully do I'll wow ah ah ah ah everyone painful hey great Hey frank white in moderation so that it does not and lose other sounds somewhat interesting Anyone also surely survive surely tomorrow example I great I a good boy good boy before breaking self-esteem he was charged sung from Tageru rubbed most cute you for granted or Uruaa ah ah ah ah back so she vomited all the other nasty things I wish I'd be better.
Let Koshiyo Tsu each other praised only alive but flattery waste disposal Nante Anta by great raison d'etre?

Twisting if every day of your self-love I'm no head trying to is a hardship like to not forget! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !