Why You Should Delete Social Media: Say Hello to A Better Life!

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Shared January 30, 2021

You should probably delete all your social media accounts. From mental health & anxiety, to privacy/security concerns (and more!) - social media negatively impacts you in more ways than one. Find our more about this incredible journey in this video! Don't forget to share ๐Ÿ’ช

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0:00โ€‹ Introduction
0:52โ€‹ About My Journey
1:14โ€‹ Issue 1 - Mental Health
2:21โ€‹ Issue 2 - Privacy
3:40โ€‹ Issue 3 - Influence
4:19โ€‹ Issue 4 - Control
5:32โ€‹ Issue 5 - Connections
6:24โ€‹ Caveats to Deleting Social Media
7:26โ€‹ Steps to Delete Social Media!
8:38โ€‹ Recap & Final Words

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