Pete Matheson

Hey People!

Welcome to my Channel - My name is Pete Matheson and I'm a Multi-Business Owner (Or Entrepreneur... I hate that word!) of some award winning businesses. In 2011 I started my own UK IT Business and in 2020, grew it to over £1m in turnover, 16 Staff, before we sold it on the 5th March (Pre-Pandemic, talk about timing!)

This channel is a home for a tonne of content which I'm posting WEEKLY - hopefully more than that.

This is your place for Tech Reviews - not just a standard tech review channel where we review random technology that has no relevance... but we also have a focus on business.

So this YouTube channel is for Tech enthusiasts, aspiring business owners, or existing business owners as I help you grow your businesses with the very best in Tech!


What a journey...

Pete Matheson

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